Birch Moon Farm in Shutesbury, MA just on the edge of the Quabbin Wilderness. The home of Farm Shoes Handmade.

We are a solar-powered farm & home business. We're pretty serious about this solar part. We drive electric cars, charged as much as we can during the day while the sun is out. Working from home allows a lot of flexibility with this.

I have a studio space where I make my shoes and teach workshops. I also travel within about a 50-mile radius for group classes. Let me know if you have any ideas or want to pull a group together.

My shoes are "barefoot" or "minimalist" meaning there is NO ARCH SUPPORT. They are meant to be like walking barefoot, using and strengthening your own foot muscles. Some people need to get their feet used to this slowly, over time. This is your responsibility. My job is to make them :)  I am not trained in podiatry and make no claims to know what is best for your particular feet or body. Some people do put their inserts in their Farm Shoes but that is up to them. I, like I said, am a shoemaker and farmer, and not a doctor.

All shoes are made by hand, start to finish. They are made based on the *carefully done* foot tracing that you will send me. I will find an appropriate pattern and make adjustments where needed, then trace and cut out the leather you have chosen for your shoes. Holes will be punched and stitched. Some shoes are sewn using a hand-crank leather patching machine, some on a Cowboy Stitcher, but most are sewn by hand. I'll try to send some pictures of the process of your particular pair of shoes, so you feel more connected to the process of getting handmade shoes. It's very special, I think. I love making them, and I LOVE wearing them. It's all I wear, besides my Muck Boots on the farm when it's really muddy or rainy out.

I'm happy to customize things like eyelets, laces, simple design changes... just email me to see what is possible with your particular style of shoe.

Thank you for trusting in me! I will do my best to make shoes that fit you perfectly. Many people have said they are the first shoes that have ever truly fit, comfortably. That being said, if they dont feel wonderful please let me know right away so we can figure out what needs to happen. Sometimes they can be stretched a tiny bit, sometimes they need to be remade from scratch. This doesn't happen often but I want you to know I'm here, and in it for the right reasons, and just want you to love your shoes as much as I love making them. Thank you.

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