Some shoes I've made. See blog and Instagram (links at bottom) for more! 

Rose Ghillie in Chocolate Oil Tan leather (unlined) with soft pink silk laces (custom)

Dark Forest Suede Derby low boots with tan stitching and laces. Honey soling.

In-process, Rose Ghillie (lining side up). Hammering the hand-sewn, waxed thread stitches flat.

My favorite - Dance Shoes in Oxblood leather, fully lined. Brown bar stitching. Shown with Honey soling.

Derby Low Boots with thicker sole and extra heel. Moccasin stitch. Black leather with grey suede and white sole.

Chukkas in green wool felt with leather topsole and brown 1/4" soling. Live - in action! Darker green leaf design on heel with loop.

Fully lined Taupe suede Ghillie with round leather lacing and brown stitching.

Leather and Suede color chart

Real Buckskin Ghillies made by a student. Love these!

Fully lined Blue suede Rose Ghillies

Black leather ghillie sneakers with black suede lacing.

Wine (thick) leather front with flame (lined) leather sides. Ghillie sneaker. No eyelets. Brown suede lacing.

Ghillies in Moss green suede made by a student with brown suede lacing that wraps up the lower leg (not shown).

Well-loved Rose Ghillies in Chocolate Oil Tan leather. Back for a resole.

ghillie sneakers in lined cork leather with veg tanned sides.

bottom soles - natural plantation crepe soling hand sewn to the topsole and uppers!

Well-worn Red suede Ghillies in action at the beach!

(wide) ghillie sneaker in thick black leather with black suede laces (no eyelets)

ghillie sneaker - lined oxblood leather with moss green suede sides. no eyelets, men's dress shoe laces.

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